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Welcome to Outback America

Outback America is a non-denominational ministry inspired to reconcile relationships. Practical answers and day-to-day strategies to deal with difficult questions are presented by encouraging, energetic speakers and motivational dramas. Outback America is about fun first. There are lots of activities during the weekend, and we'll make sure you have a big time while you're in "the outback."

Outback America is about building, restoring and strengthening relationships. The weekend experience is designed to give parents and teens, husbands and wives or college students a practical strategy for daily living, focusing on their relationship with God, their family, friends, church and community.

Outback America weekends happen during the fall and spring of each year. Today these weekends take place across the country.

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Parent & Teen Weekends

Fun First is our motto for the weekend and the Outback America program will take you on an everlasting adventure over a weekend you'll never forget.


Husband & Wife Weekends

Outback is a weekend program developed to give husbands and wives a practical strategy for daily living.


Outback University

Participants find their lives transformed as they begin to develop an understanding of their life purpose.


Men's & Women's Groups

Looking for a way to continue your Christian growth? Your weekly involvement in an Outback Men or Women’s group can help!



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